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Change in Address

A company shall, on and from the fifteenth day of its incorporation and at all times thereafter, have a registered office capable of receiving and acknowledging all communications and notices as may be addressed to it.
The company shall furnish to the Registrar verification of its registered office within a period of thirty days of its incorporation in such manner as may be prescribed.
Notice of every change of the situation of the registered office, verified in the manner prescribed, after the date of incorporation of the company, shall be given to the Registrar within fifteen days of the change, who shall record the same.
Therefore, notice of every change in the registered office of the company is to be filed with the ROC in form INC-22 within 15 days of such change.

Verification of registered office

Notice and verification of change of situation of the registered office

The notice of change of the situation of the registered office and verification thereof shall be filed in Form No. INC-22 along with the fee and shall be attached to said Form, the similar documents and manner of verification as are prescribed for verification of Registered office on incorporation as above in terms of sub-section (2) of section 12.

For the purpose of verification of the registered office of the Company, the documents as prescribed in Rule 25 are to be attached with the Form INC-22 both for giving intimation of the registered office at the time of incorporation and at the time of any change in the registered office thereafter.

Change of Registered office from one state to another state

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