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Health Insurance

Health Insurance in Just 10 Minute

Health Insurance Policy

Health Insurance Policy is an insurance product that covers the whole or part of the risk of person incurring medical expenses. Health Insurance is estimated by the overall risk of health care expenses over the risk pool to provide the money to pay for health care benefits specified in the health insurance agreement.

Importance of Health Insurance

The health insurance policy has become a necessity for every individual due to deteriorating health conditions and increasing health expenses. It provides risk coverage against expenditure which is caused by unforeseen medical emergencies. Today, failing to hold an adequate health cover can prove costly financially when the medical inflation rates are so high.

Document Required For Health Insurance

Documents Required for Medical Insurance

There are few documents that you need to provide if you have decided to buy health insurance online such as:

Type of Health Insurance in India

    Best health insurance plans covers medical costs during hospitalization as well as pre and post stages of hospitalization. Here are three kind of health insurance policies to choose from.

  • Individual Mediclaim
  • Unit Linked Health Plan (ULHP)
  • Family Floater Policy

    Some of the key services rendered by a TPA are as follows:

  • Maintain a database of all policyholders
  • Issue identity cards to policyholders
  • Provide ambulance services
  • Give information to healthcare policyholders about networked and empanelled hospitals
  • Check with various investigations
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