7 Business To Start In 2019 With Limited Money?

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Business is the need of this world. Everyone dreams to become an entrepreneur, but their dream went in vain whenever they think about the cost incurred in starting a business.
Money is limited. No one is willing to spend a huge amount of money on a business which will not give them a proper return. Why don’t we find some businesses which will give a high return in low investment?

Let’s talk about 7 businesses which you can start in 2019 with fewer resources.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s dream

-Steve Jobs

1. Blogging

Is it really a business?
Yes, it is. If you have a passion for writing, you can start this as a business. There are many full-time businessmen like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Deepak Kanakaraju and many more who have made blogging and vlogging their fulltime business.

If you are an experienced in your field, feel free to share your knowledge with the rest of the world.

When you gain lots of traffic on your website, you can apply to Google Ads. When you get an approval, Google will pay you whenever someone clicks on the Ad which Google will show on your blog.

What if you will earn more than that you earn in your full-time job? I guess you got the power of blogging.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Yes, Affiliate Marketing is the next step in blogging. When you gain good traffic on your website, what can you do next?

The answer is Affiliate Marketing. You can collect the e-mails from your readers and send them e-mail affiliate links. If someone will click on that link or will purchase anything from that, you will earn some commission, which varies from company to company and also from product to product.

You just need some tools to collect e-mail like “Hellobar” and some tools to send bulk e-mails like “Mailchimp”. You are ready to go!

3. Digital Marketing Services

Are you an expert Digital Marketer like the names mentioned above (or at least half of them)? If yes, this is the next business in this list for you. You can provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click) etc. services to your clients.

But for this, you need to be an expert. You can’t just fool people by calling yourself as an expert. Learn the basics and implement the things on your own website. Analyze the results and you are ready to start this business.

4. Website Developer

We live in a world where everything could be attracted by the internet. Website developer offers a key role in this. When we need to do online marketing, what do we target? It’s a website for sure!

You can start this business as with the inauguration of Digital India, businesses are coming on the internet and soon a time will come when there will be no or few offline businesses in India. In other nations, major businesses are being handled through the internet only.

5. Selling your products on Amazon

It’s a good idea to sell your products on the website which already have a good amount of users. You can spend the rest of the time in managing the future of your business.

If you are not ready to open an offline shop/business due to an issue, you can sell your products on the famous E-commerce sites. You then don’t have to worry about the marketing and you can work on the physical structure and planning of your business.

6. Food Truck

Do you love different foodstuff? Of Course, it’s a big Yes! Everyone does.
This is a business which will never fade off. You can start a food truck in your locality if you don’t have the resources to open a restaurant.

Track down the food items which people love in your or nearby area. Is those stuff not available easily? Bingo! You get your menu. Learn how to make those kinds of stuff and you are set to live your dream life. People in India are a big foodie and they can spend anything on food.

You can collaborate with your family and friends and that’s it.

7. Selling Handicrafts or Paintings:

You are a good painter and you are not sure, how to initiate business in this niche. It’s easy to do and the steps which I am going to mention is the same for any online business as well.

The extract is that you have to make a website, upload or mention your products there and work on its marketing.

Things you need to do are as follows:

Buy a Domain: You have to buy a domain which is a name which you want to use as your brand.

Buy a Hosting: You then have to buy hosting. Only then you can start building your website. It’s simply like a server which will your website.

Make a website: After buying all these things, you are ready to make and run your website.

Register your company: After making your website, you have to register your business. You need a GST number for any online or offline business. If you have a physical business premise, then you have to register it as a company. You can check the different type of company registration for your concerned business.

After completing all this, you have to make an Instagram and Facebook page. You can run paid ads on them in order to attract the customers. You can also take the help of Google Ads in order to run your business on Google.

In order to let people know about your business, you can use the Google Business and list your pursuit on Google Maps.


It’s a dream of every individual to work whenever they want. Everyone wants to live according to their own rules and terms. Is it possible in the 10-5 Job? Certainly not.

Follow the business of your choice and live your dream life. Trust yourself and have patience because you got more than it takes.

So, which business are you going to pursue? Share with your friends and leave a comment to let us know the other great ideas!

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