80G Registration for Society

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Are you a NGO supporting a noble cause? Then 80G registration certificate is a necessity for you. If you want donations from public, you need to have 80G certificate. Donors prefer to donate in NGOs with 80G certification as it helps them get tax advantage under 80G section of income tax. So apply for 80G Registration for Society to make your NGO more reliable and influential.


Eligibility for 80G Registration for Society

For 80G registration, a NGO must fulfil the below listed conditions to be applicable for the certificate.

  • The NGO must not have any income from the business.
  • It should be either public charitable trust or a registered society
  • NGO must not use its income for any profitable purpose other than charity.
  • There must be a proper records of its receipts and expenditure.
  • The NGO must not benefit of a particular caste or religion.

Documents required for 80G Registration for Society

While applying for 80G certificate for NGO/ Society registration, you need to have following documents mandatorily.

  • Duly filled Form 10G certificate
  • Self-attested copies of MOA, AOA.
  • Proof of registered office address
  • PAN Card of your NGO/ society.
  • Proof of charitable activities performed
  • List of donors of the NGO
  • PAN as well as the address of donors.
  • Names of trustees and board members.

If you are searching for 80G certificate registration consultant in India, just inquire at GSB Taxation for full details.

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