Cheap Nepalese tea not in compliance with FSSAI

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Food Safety and Standards Authority of Indian says customs officials to keep attention on the quality of teas being imported from Nepal when Darjeeling tea industry body says that tea which is imported from Nepal has not been under compliance with fair regulations.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of Indian has taken this decision of the raises complaints make by Darjeeling tea planters to say that  cheap Nepalese tea which is not in compliance with fair and not good for domestic consumption.

Darjeeling tea planters concern by Sanjay Bansal, chairman, Ambootia group, waked the issue that manufactured tea being  from Nepal has not been in compliance with fssai and said it could be harm for indian consumers. as per the  media reports, Darjeeling planters brief that Nepalese teas must aware to the maximum residue limits for chemicals like dicofol, ethion, fenazaquin, glyphosate & etc. fixed by FSSAI in tea plantations. As per industry estimates, 2-2.5 million kg of Nepalese teas are import in India. India has a free trade agreement with Nepal, under  those Nepalese tea does not incur any import duty in India.

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