Copyright Registration in Rajasthan

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Copyright is translated as right to copy someone’s original work. After copyright registration; an individual or business entity prohibits others from copying its original work. No one can imitate, infringe, copy or reproduce the copyrighted material. Copyright is valid for a term of 60 years in the territory of Rajasthan. Various work can be copyrighted such as music, movies, books, designs, paintings and more.


Although copyright is not mandatory by law but it is beneficial for business owners and individuals who produce original content/ work as it will give them satisfaction that no one can copy their work. Copyright is governed by the The Copyright Act, 1957.


Process of Copyright Registration in Rajasthan

  1. Visit official website of Copyright Office, Government of India :
  2. Choose the type of application as per the type of task
  3. Application Form is signed by the applicant as well as the advocate
  4. The material is put to scrutiny for 30 days in order to receive any objections
  5. In case of no objection within 30 days, application is checked and sent to the registrar for approval
  6. If there is an objection, applicant and objector are sent a letter for hearing
  7. After hearing, either the objection is resolved or the application is rejected

This is the complete procedure for copyright registration in Rajasthan. If you have produced your own original work, design, content and you don’t want it to be copied or pirated. Then you must go for the copyright of the material.

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