Credit Cooperative Society Registration in MP

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Credit Cooperative Society Registration in MP

A credit cooperative society is an association of people who together work to meet economic needs of the people in association. It is jointly owned by the people in the society which is registered under the Co – operative societies act. A person of a group of person can consult the leading consultants for credit cooperative society registration in MP.


Documents for Credit Cooperative Society Registration in MP

To register the credit co-operative society, the promoters and members of the proposed society are required to submit some important documents to the registration authority.

  1. Desired Name for the cooperative society
  2. Details of Promoters of Society (name, address, business/ profession, income proof etc)
  3. Bank certificate of the account of Credit cooperative society
  4. Affidavit of the promoter in prescribed format
  5. Detail of promoters and capital contribution
  6. Address proof of the members of credit cooperative society


Procedure for Credit Cooperative Society Registration in MP

You must know the complete credit co-operative society registration procedure before applying for the incorporation of society.

  1. Submit duly filled application to registrar office
  2. Submit the bylaws by society, members and promoters
  3. Application is required to be signed by at least 10 members
  4. Upon satisfaction of registrar, an incorporation certificate is issued by the registrar


A credit cooperative society registration application can be rejected by the registrar mentioning valid reasons for the denial within one month; otherwise it is required to be accepted within one month of the application date.

You must consult the leading credit co-operative society registration consultants in MP for successful approval of the incorporation application. Fill the form to inquire for society registration in India.

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