ISI Registration in Delhi

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ISI is a quality standard certificate in India allotted by Indian Standards Institute.This mark certifies that the product or services comply with the standards specified by Indian Government and and is developed as per the standards of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Most of the electrical appliances and kitchen accessories are required to have ISI registration certificate.

There is a lot of availability of products with no ISI Mark but that is illegal as per the law and punishable with penalties.

Documents required for ISI registration in Delhi

Applicant is required to submit many documents for successful approval of ISI application.

  1. Self evaluation report with verification document
  2. Independent Test report by BIS laboratory
  3. Proof of Company registration
  4. More required certificates from other bodies
  5. If business is small; SSI certificate is required


Procedure for ISI registration in Delhi

ISI certification process is as per the rules and regulation of BIS. You need to comply with the norms and submit all the required documents for successful approval of ISI mark.

  1. Submit completely filled ISI registration application to the regional branch office.
  2. Application and documents are scrutinized by the ISI authority
  3. Inspection by the BIS officer within the 15 days of submission
  4. Testing Samples are taken for test at the BIS laboratory
  5. Independent testing is initiated by BIS
  6. The authority issues the ISI certificate if the test is passed successfully

This is the complete procedure for online ISI registration in Delhi. You must take note of every point mentioned here before applying for ISI certification online. Consult the leading ISI certification consultants in Delhi.


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