OSP License Consultant in Hyderabad

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OSP License Consultant In Hyderabad

DoT OSP license is required by those vendors who are engaged in tele-services business such as tele-trading, tele-e commerce, tele- education, tele- banking or ITES. OSP License Consultant in Hyderabad help you get approvals and operate these activities by accessing the infrastructure of non-telecom service providers.

The complete DoT license registration procedure is regulated by the Telecom enforcement, resource and monitoring (TERM) cells as per the location of the OSP business location.


OSP License Documents Requirement

To apply for the DoT license, the business is required to be a Private Limited Company. So before applying for DOT OSP license, applicant must get leading OSP License Consultant in Hyderabad.  Here is the list of important document required to obtain DoT OSP license.

  1. Certificate for Incorporation of Pvt Ltd Company
  2. MOA & AOA of business registration
  3. Power of Attorney to the authorized signatory
  4. Name of business and activities carried out.
  5. List of Directors of the Private Limited Company
  6. Shareholding Pattern of the business


DoT license Validity

DoT license is issued for a period of 20 years if pvt ltd company complied with the required rules and regulations. OSP License Consultant in Hyderabad will file annual return mentioning the details of activities carried out and the present state of business.


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