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Register Trademark. Do you know the value of the logo of domino’s or the McDonald’s or the most famous four rings symbol of the Audi? It is enormous and huge. The trademark is not a symbol of recognition, it is a symbol, logo or words that represent what the company stands for. It is far more important than your company’s name because it is the trademark that stirs up talking about your company and its products in the market, it is not a recent development in the field of marketing, it has been there for around the ages. It is just that the businesses have started to recognize the importance of it just now.

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Trademarks help a business to get a recognition that your business needs, it is necessary to get a trademark because, on this world of cut-throat competition, he who doesn’t display his/her products differently is going to lose in the rat race of capturing the market. It has been always observed that the people are responsive to the trademarks and the symbols. They are responsive because a trademark is catchy, represents what the company stands for and is easy to remember. Furthermore, it is the need of the today to get a trademark because without the trademark your business would not get the recognition it deserves.

Advantages of the Online Trademark Registration :

  1. Exclusive Rights
    The trademark thus registered gives the firm and the organizations the exclusive right to use that symbol to promote the product in the market.
  2. Brand and goodwill
    The trademark thus registered gives the holder firm a right to market the product through the symbol. The symbol or words instantaneously become symbolic to the brand and thus it helps to build goodwill.
  3. Differentiated Product
    The trademark develops a brand for your product and it helps to gather market power for you. This helps the product to have a name of its own on the market and helps to differentiate it from the competitor’s product.
  4. Quality
    The consumers of today instantaneously measure the product’s quality with the brand associated with it. Thus, it gives a market edge to the product if the product is registered.

Disadvantages of the Trademark Registration in India:

  1. High cost
    One of the major disadvantages of a trademark is that the cost is too high. Hence, if a small business the firm has a unique product it is quite possible that the firm would not be able to get the trademark registered.
  2. No perpetual existence
    The trademark once registered does not enjoy any perpetual existence. It has to be registered once again after the 10 years. And the cost of registration is also very high.
  3. Marketing cost
    Even if you have got your trademark, it does not guarantee your consumer base. You will have to market it efficiently so that it reaches the wider consumer base. Thus, the firm must have a huge budget for marketing.
Trademark Registration
Trademark Registration Online

Who can apply for Register Trademark Online?

  1. Any Individual
  2. Company
  3. Proprietor
  4. A Society

Documents required for Online Trademark Registration:

  1. PAN card/ Voter ID/Passport
  2. Scanned copy of Registration Certificate
  3. Signed Trademark Registration Application
  4. JPEG Format of LOGO/Brand Name

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