GSB Infotech Business Solutions LLP

GSB Infotech Business Solutions LLP is an independent, third party company assesment of management systems for all industries and a certification body established as per the requirement of IS/ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 in India. Address of this certification company is WZ-93/A, Meenakshi Garden, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi. Quality management system certification(QMS) signifies that a company has implemented and designed a genuin system to meet the customers requirements of quality in goods and services. Environmental management system (EMS) implies a company should act according to the applicable legal and regulatory requirements of their industry and commits to act in such a way that it cannot cause any harm to the environment and controls pollution.

GSB Infotech Business Solutions LLP provides their clients with the n number of services including product certification. GSB Infotech Business Solutions LLP has professional team in various field and with an extensive global experience which provides in depth services for all he companies accorss the globe. Process involved in certification goes through constant research activities. We provide first class services to our clients by investing in the latest emerginf technologies as well as in the human resources and also it donate in market leading services like drafting an ISO compliant manual , offering on site training and certification and many more. We are an independent third party organisation who offers certification of system, product and services even outside country or to an international market. Validation and verification of a process are done by our skilled and experienced experts. We also offer consultancy services.

CE certification, 9001:2015 Quality management system, ISO 22000 food satefy management system,14001 Environmental management system, Information technology-services management system, GMP certification, Energy management system.


Our experts will guide you at very phase of your project and will provide you with the tools and methodologies that will be needed for the successful completion and implementation of your system.

Our methodology covers:

  • Detailed reporting.

  • Documentation training programs.

  • Assistance in implementation.

  • Training programs in internal auditing.

  • Guidance in internal auditing.

  • Guidance in management reviews.

  • Assistance during certification audits.

Quality Assurance

According to ISO 9000 which focusses on fulfilling the quality requirements. In the process of manufacturing a product quality assurance is a way to prevent mistakes and to avaoid problems when delivering products and services to the customers. All the projects we do are distinctiveand unique. So project management depends on the complexity of a project for its processing , how urgently the client needs a project amd the compeence of people working for client. We don't believe in one size fit approach.

We at GSB Infotech Business Solutions LLP work for the betterment and to improve the quality system by

  • providing services to the customer as per their requirement for their satisfaction.

  • To make bond stronger between the customers and the suppliers.

  • For the improvement of quality management system basd on national and international standards.

  • We involve all the employees in the improvement as well as for performing something innovative in all the parts of managemnet system.