ISO 22000 is food security management system certification. It is the certification for an organisation involved in manufacturing , processing ,packaging and distribution of food products.

It is an international standard that specifies the requirement for the food safety management system where the organization needs to define that the food they are providing to the customers is safe. It should be followed by all the organization irrespective to size, any organization that is involved in any aspects of food chain. Requirements of this international standard that are met can be accomplished through the use of internal and external resources.

Customer satisfaction management system ISO 10001 : 2007 & Complaint handling system ISO 10002 draws focus on :

  • Designing Complain handling system.

  • Explaination of feedback parameter/ complaint parameters.

  • Analysis of feedback.

  • Improvement as per the feedback.

  • The best way of organization to achieve success and establish themselves as industry leaders in todays era is to have an efficient customer satisfaction management system and an effective complaint handling system.

  • ISO 10001 is the standard that manages how to satisfy customers requirements Where as ISO 10002 is a standard that tells how an organization manages complaint managing system.

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  • Reduce the wastage of raw materials.

  • Improve the overall image of organization in the market.

  • Improvement in the security of food.

  • Improvement in the Credibility of product among customers.

  • Improved business opportunities.

  • Improve the business in comparison to the competitors.

  • Operation control to the employee helath and safety is improved.