The ISO/TS 16949 is the international standard that aims to develop a quality management system that provides for continual improvement , defect prevention and waste in the supply chain and reduction in variation. TS16949 is applied for production, Design & development and servicing of automotive related products. The requirements are proposed to be applied throughtout the supply chain.


  • Discover opportunities for improvement.

  • Organization is always adaptive with the necessary requirements is ensured by high quality auditing.

  • Each candidate will receive a workbook and a seminar manual that includes case studies.

  • Objective evidence requirement and a guidance for auditing TS 16949 are provided and taught to the participants.

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  • Management support and commitment.

  • Auditing TS 16949.

  • Evolution of an implementation plan.

  • Training will be given to all employers regarding awareness.

  • Grant resources that will be important for the development and implementation of a system.

  • 3 tier documents are created for quality system

    1. Quality manual

    2. Quality system procedures

    3. Work instructions and quality record

      • Implement system

      • Perform internal auditing

      • Correction is done if needed.

      • Registration Application

      • Registration Audit

      • Issue of Registration Certificate.

      • Improvements and management in the system.

      • Training of internal auditing of TS 16949.

Auditing is very important method to find out the gaps. Effective auditing is very specialized skill and also helps to maximize the benefits of ISO /TS 16949.

  1. Identifying requirements of TS 16949

  2. Auditing techniques suiits with TS 16949

  3. Planning , performiing and reporting an audit.

  4. How to take corrective actions.

  5. Architecture of TS 16949

  6. Checklist preparation.