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Annual Compliance for a Private Limited Company

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Annual Compliance for a Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company is the most popular form of starting a business, there are various compliances which are required to be followed once your business is incorporated. Managing the day to day operation of your business along with the complying the corporate law can be a little taxing for any entrepreneur. The subsequent annual general meeting should be held within 6 months from the end of that financial year. The financial years start in India on 1st April and end 31st March. So a company’s annual return would be on September 30th.

Some compliances are mandatory for every Private Limited Company. These are following:
AGM (Annual General Meeting):- This meeting is shareholders meeting that needs to be held every year. Annual General Meeting needs to be held in the city where the registered office of the company is situated.
Annual filing Forms:-Lots of annual forms that need to be filed further the annual financials. The information is quite detailed and talks about shareholding, directors, financials, and so on. All these forms are required to be certified by a practising CA or practising company secretary.
Board Meetings:-Four board meetings need to be held in a year and at least one meeting needs to be held every quarter.
Yearly Forms by Directors:-The directors are compulsory to inform the company about their directorship in other companies every year.

Reasons to Company Annual Filing Reasons to Company Annual Filing
  •     Easy Transferability
  •    Borrowing Capacity
  •     Owning property
  •     Uninterrupted Existance
Event Based Compliances Event Based Compliances:
  •   Transfer of shares
  •   Change in the Bank singatories
  •   Change in the statutory auditors
  •   Receipt of share application money
  •   Allotment of shares
  •   Appointment of directors
  •   Appointment of Managing directors
Annual return contains Annual return contains following:
  •     Compliance Certificate from a CS
  •     Debt Details
  •     Information about management of the company
  •     Audited balance sheet of the company
  •     Audited Profit and Loss Account
  •     Register of member
  •     Details of shares and debenture.
  •     Details of transfer of security
  •     Details about the changes in directorship

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