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What is a Patent Search?

A patent search displays data of issuedpatent registrationand circulated patents claim for discovery that might be deliberated significant “prior art” orientations when applying for patent. A patent search reveiws the depictions and text of patents and patent application to find discovered that may be like to an inventor’s new invention. The data from the patent search is used by the applicants to find related patents. The prior art is anything in the sphere, patented, that may be determine whether an invention is new or not. Planet patent is also uses for the purpose of cutting edge latent semantic analysic (LSA) search technology to conceptually search your invention. Latent semantic anaylsis may be included with your search amounts or for an extra fee.

Types of Patent Search

We handle online patent search for various categories such as Collection, Infringment (it is also known as non – infringment), right to use (it is also known as freedom to operate), Novelty, state-of-the-art, and validity. We offer springy valuing to meet a variety of researche need while supplying a high quality patent search report for every project.

Which Industry We Target?

We concentrate in aerospace, bussiness method, chemical, electrical, genetic, mechanical, medical and software patent searches. It helps in performing better online patent search fro existing patents in these industries.

Patent Search Time Period

The patent search takes time to complete 1 to 2 week after receving drawings and a written explanation of your invention. We do intensive patent search to verify that the patent filing application is not objected.

Why do patent search before patent filing?

Patent search process is important due to following reasons:

1: A patent search help asses the patentability of an invention before investing in an expensive patent application filing process.
2: Online patent search avoids spending time and money on invention who has already been invented.
3: A patent search may help discover information on competitors.
4: A patent search process helps you determine if a company’s new product under progress will infringe on any patents that are in force, avoiding a costly patent infringment charge.
5: A patent search helps the assess and novelty of an invention before the US Patent and Trademark Office examines the patent application.
6: An online patent search can be providing information to assess the strenth of a company’s patent group.
7: A patent search can be uncovering expired patents on inventions that are in then in the public domain and therefore can be used without paying anyone royality.
8: Online patent search may be help determine the value or validity of patent before purchaseing, selling or licensing it.
9: It may find opportunities to improve on existing technology “gaps”.

Online Patent Search Process

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