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What is Digital Signature Certificate?

The world of transactions has gone online and with that the imminent threat of the frauds, hacking and what not. The world needed something to secure the transaction and then came the invention of the decade, the Digital Signature Certificate came into existence. With the advent of the online transactions the world became connected and a lot of important information was being uploaded on the internet, initially as a mechanism to protect those files, the DSC or the Digital Signature Certificate soon became a method of signing the files or providing the information available online authenticity. DSC or the Digital Signature Certificate became a method of securing the files from false information, online.

The information presented online needed to be verified because of the fact that there are various instances where we have seen that the online fraud has resulted in huge losses to the departments as well as the consumers. This needed to be checked and a tool was needed which encrypted the signature and other sensitive information in one secured place. Hence, came the Digital Signature Certificate or the DSC.

The Digital Signature Certificate or the DSC uses the class 5 encryption techniques to secure the available information on its card and loaded into its memory. Moreover, another way of protecting the information or an extension of the safety was the introduction of the smart cards to combine with the use of Digital Signature Certificate. This double encryption is currently the latest and the most secure way of signing the documents electronically.

With the addition of the smart card and the double encryption technique the DSC or the Digital Signature Certificate became hard to hack and commit frauds. However, one must be careful with the use of DSC even though all the steps are taken too ensure that no transaction is hacked than also you must take every measure to prevent the loss of your DSC. You must only use it with the valid third- party account and never share your DSC Password with anyone under any circumstances. Also note that DSC can be easily generated by paying small fees to the competent authority.

DSC or Digital Signature Certificate now is a legal necessity in many applications. It is an electronic document that contains the digital signature of the certificate issuing right, binds together a public with a character and can be used to corroborate a public key belongs to an individual person or entity. It is a mathematical procedure used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a message, software or digital document.

Documents Required for Company Registration

  •     Sign: -It could only be used for signing a document. It is the most popular certificate and is most useful in signing the PDF file for MCA, tax returns and so on.
  •    Encrypt: - You could also use documentation to encrypt and send classified information. The Digital Signature Certificate would be used to encrypt a document. It is traditionally used in the affectionate entrance, to help your company encrypt the document and upload.
  •    Sign and encrypt: - You could buy both sign and encrypt.

Who could buy certificate?

  •     Foreign organization
  •    Foreign Individuals
  •    Organisation
  •    Individuals
  •    IET Certificate
  •    Document Signer Certicate


  •     PAN Card of applicant.
  •    Aadhar card of applicant.
  •    One passport size photograph.

Procedure for DSC Certificate.

  •    Submit your all documents
  •    Process of your Digital Signature.
  •    Finally, you will get your Digital Signature Certificate.

Class 2 Individual

For Individual

Rs. 799/-Plus Taxes
  • Validity for 2 years
  • With Token

Class 3 Organisation

For Organisation

Rs. 3,649/-Plus Taxes
  • Validity for 2 years
  • With Token

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