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Change in Director | How to apply | Registration Services 2020

According to The Companies Act 2013, a Pvt. Ltd company, LLP, public limited or any other type of company is required to have at least two directors, but due to various reasons the directors of a company are changed and new directors are appointed.Change in the director is an inevitable factor in any business. It must be done many times as changes are necessary so that the business can grow.

GSB Taxation can help you file the necessary filings to add or remove a Director from your Company or add or remove a Designated Partner from your LLP. Change in Directors can be done.

Basic requirements for the change in directors of a company

  • To become a director of a company the director must be 18 years old. A foreign national can also be part of an Indian company.
  • The board of directors should approve the name of the director. A private limited company has a minimum of two directors and a board of directors of 15 members. They are the central part of the decision making of a company.
  • The director should also register for the Director Identification Number.

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What are the documents required for change in the director?

  • Resignation letter of the director
  • Consent letter from all the existing directors on letterhead of a Company
  • Digital Signature Certificate must be obtained along with all the documents.

What is the legal process of Change in the director of a company?

  • Section 168 of the companies act, 2013 allows the change in director of any company. And for the appointment of a new director, section 168 is relevant.
  • The company must submit a copy of such a resolution along with the Form DIR-12 to the relevant ROC/MCA within 30 days.
  • Lastly, the company requires to make necessary entries in the Register of Directors, maintained as per Section 170 of the Companies Act of 2013.

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