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A producer company can be defined under the companies act 1956, which is involved in each and any one of these activities like farming, agricultural harvesting, pooling, marketing and exporting the primary produce. These companies are usually formed by the small businesses and small companies.

As agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy the popularity of producers company is increasing. Around 60% of the population depends on farming as a source of employment. But still, the farmers of this country face a lot of problems. So in order to address these problems the Government of India introduced the Producer companies in the companies act 1956 for the farm production company. Under this act a producer company can be formed by ten individuals or more, which should have the following objective-:

  • Procurement
  • Production
  • Farming
  • Harvesting
  • Grading
  • Polling
  • Selling
  • Marketing

What are the different types of producers company?

  • Production business
  • Marketing business
  • Technical business
  • Infrastructure business

Advantages of Producer company

Producer companies are exempted from the tax duties because they work for the agriculture and farming industry which is an integral part of the Indian economy

Separate legal entity, producer company is a legal entity which is established under the companies act.

Loans and advances against security as specified in articles, upon the condition of repayment within a period of 3 months and not more than 7 years.

The ownership of the firm can easily be transferred by easily transferring the shares of the firm.

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Procedure of Private limited company registration

  • Digital Signature Certificate
    The director of the firm should have a digital signature. The digital signature should be used by the file the registration, ROC compliance forms and the tax returns of the company.
  • Director Identification Number
    When the digital signature is approved you will get an email from Registrar of the company for your eligibility to be the director of the company.
  • Name Reservation
    After DIN allotment, the other vital step is to file a ‘name approval application’ to ROC on your company’s behalf.
  • Final Incorporation and CIN
    After name approval from the registrar of the company we will file the incorporation form with all supporting documents. The registrar of the companies takes 3 working days to complete the approval

Documents required for the Producer company registration

  • PAN Card
    PAN card of the directors, and shareholders.
  • ID Proof
    Aadhar card, voter Id and driving license of a shareholder and director.
  • Address proof
    Telephone bills, electricity bills, water bills and bank statements are also required for the private limited company registration. These documents must not be older than two months of the current data.
  • Scanned passport size photo of the director: Latest passport sized color photos of the director and shareholder.
  • Registered office proof: Latest telephone bill, water bill and electricity bill of the registered office.

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