Trade License Registration

Trade License| how to register | online 2019

Trade License is a certificate that grants permission to carry on a particular trade or business for which it is issued. In India it is mandatory to register for trade license before commencing any kind of business in a particular area/location.

Municipal Corporation of India authorizes the trade license department to issue Trade licenses. Trade Department is also authorized to issue licenses in consultation with other specialized consultative departments like Fire Brigade, Health, Engineering, Estate and others of the same type. So, it is important for every business, traders and establishments to register trade licenses from the License Department before starting manufacturing, exchange or storage of any activity/commodity.

All the businesses who are planning to start a business must register for the trade license within 15 days of beginning a business. In some states, it is mandatory to apply for a trade license within 3 months preceding the commencement of any business.

Who can apply for the trade license registration?

  • The applicant must have crossed the age of 18 years
  • There should not be any criminal cases against the applicant of trade license.
  • Businesses must be legally permissible.

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Types of Trade License

  • Type A
    Industries license: Type A licenses are issued for traders which locomotive supremacy like small, medium and large scale manufacturing factories.
  • Type B
    Shop license: Type B licenses are issued for business which are involved in dangerous and offensive trades like a sale of firewood, cracker manufacturer, candle manufacturer, barbershop, dhobi shop, etc.
  • Type C
    Type C licenses are issued for food establishments,restaurants, hotels, food stalls, canteen, the sale of meat & vegetables, bakeries, etc.

Documents required for Trade License

  • PAN Card of the company/proprietor/partnership/LLP.
  • Form 353 duly filled
  • Adhar Card of proprietor/partners/proprietor
  • In the case of company MOA, COA, & COI is required
  • In case of partnership/LLP partnership is required.
  • Premises proof (rent agreement, electricity bill, NOC from landlord)
  • Canceled cheque
  • Board of resolution
  • Authorization letter for all other partners
  • Nature of business in which the company deals
  • Passport size photographs