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What is ISO certificate|Registration services 2020 in India

ISO, refers to International organization for standardization. ISO is a worldwide autonomous body to set various global standards and quality management. ISO is a non-government body and it comprises of representative standardized organizations from various nations. ISO was established in 1947 to frame and promote worldwide commercial standards. It has been working to give world class specifications for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency. ISO is instrumental in facilitating international trade.

You must have seen ISO mark on products of big companies. This can be attained through ISO certificate registration. Any business entity can obtain ISO certification registration whether it is small, medium or big enterprises. The objective of ISO certification is to increase the credibility of your products. It gives the quality assurance to your product and services. ISO certificate ensures that products and services are safe, secure and reliable. It is very important to get your product ISO certified for successful business.

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Types of ISO certificates-:

  • ISO 9000 certification: ISO 9000 is among the best known standards and it defines the criteria for meeting a number of quality management principles
  • ISO 9001 certification: in order to sell in certain industries being ISO 9001 certified is required for example automotive industry.
  • ISO 1401 certification
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • ISO 13845 certification
  • ISO 22000 certification

What are the benefits of ISO Certificate?

To build credibility and quality of your product.

ISO certification gives access to government proposals and big corporate orders.

It helps businesses and organizations to be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction. So, ISO certificate is very important to increase the expand marketability of any business with customers.

Being ISO certified gives you an edge over your competitors, with positive impact on your customers that you follow the standards set by International organizational standard (ISO).

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Documents required for ISO Certification

  • Registration certificate of the firm
  • Nature of business
  • PAN Card
  • Business registration proof
  • Rent agreement if property is on rent
  • List of the manufacturing machinery
  • Letterhead or visiting
  • Sales and purchase invoice

Steps in ISO certification

  • ISO Certificate Application
  • ISO Audit
  • ISO Decision
  • ISO yearly renewal

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ISO certificate registration gives quality assurance to products and services. It is given by an international body International Standards Organisation to businesses to ensure that the products and services are secure, safe and reliable. ISO certificate is provided in many areas of industry from energy to social responsibility, to medical devices and risk management..

  • The registration fee for the ISO certificate varies from organization to organization. The International Standards body considers the total cost of the ISO registration after analysing many factors such nature of the business, number of employees and the annual turnover of that particular organisation.

  • Again, the time involved in ISO certificate registration depends on the type of your business and organisation. The ISO body will consider many factors before granting the ISO certificate. Generally the time required in the process of ISO certificate registration is as following:

    • Small businesses- 6- 8 months
    • Medium businesses- 8-10 months
    • Large businesses: 10-12 months

  • In order to apply for the ISO 9001 certification the company must follow the requirements set up by the ISO 9001 standards. Any business enterprises whether it is small, medium or large can register for the ISO certificate.

  • As ISO certificate gives the quality and safety assurance to the products and services it is beneficial in building the credibility of your organisation. Further it provides the advantages to increase the marketability of your business with customers.

  • PAN card, Business registration proof, complete registration form and test reports.