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A copyright is essentially a right that is granted not to copy someone’s work. It gives the owner of the subject an exclusive right over his/her invention or work. After copyright registration work is protected, and no one can imitate, copy or reproduce the original work in any other way. Copyright is an exclusive right which is given by law to creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematograph films and inventors of new inventions. The validity period of a copyright registration in India is 60 years.

There are different categories of Copyright registration:
  • Literary work other than computer programs
  • Musical works
  • Artistic works
  • Sound recordings
  • Computer programs
  • Cinematography

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Documents required for Copyright registration online process-:

The documents required for copyright registration depends on the type of copyright-:

  • Artistic Work or Material
    1. Copies of material, work of art.
    2. IPO/ DD of rupees as per the work
    3. No Obligation certificate from the creator or owner of the prescribed work.
    4. NOC from the person who photos appear on the claim work
  • Cinematograph Film
    1. Copy of the Cinematograph work
    2. DD/IPO of rupees as per work
    3. NOC from the publisher
    4. NOC from the various copyright holders of the prescribed work
  • Software or programs
    1. Copy of software or program
    2. DD/IPO of rupees as per the work
    3. NOC from the inventor or the owner of the program

How to apply for copyright registration in India?

  • File an Application: An application needs to be submitted either in DD/PP, One application is filed, a dairy number is generated and issued to the application or owner. We will draft and file a copyright application for you
  • Examination of the application: After filing copyright application it is scrutinized. The time of examination of application is 30 days if there are any objections it can be raised.
  • Registration: The procedure of copyright registration Completely depends on the registrar. Once everything is cleared from the registrar’s end you will receive your copyright certificate.

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