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A trademark is a unique identifier mark related to a product or service to distinguish it from others. Trademark is the form of intellectual property rights. By trademark registration, a brand can have a visual symbol in the form of words, symbols, numerals or labels which make it different from other businesses. Through the trademark, customers are able to easily identify your business or organization.

Trademark registration also excludes others from using the same symbol or label which you have registered. The major examples of trademark registration are McDonalds, Nike, Adidas, Apple, and many other firms. These companies have unique logos and names, therefore, they are identified by their users. The logos of their brand are synonymous with their products and services.

Advantages of the trademark registration services In India

Exclusive rights
After trademark registration, the owner can use a trademark for products falling under that category. It also gives the right to sue, if your trademark is being used illegally without your prior consent. So trademark registration provides you many exclusive rights over your brand and products.

Builds trust and goodwill
The established quality of your product and services is known by the trademark of your company. It is very important to build trust and goodwill among your customers and for the reputation of your company.

Differentiate products
Trademark registration distinguishes your products and services so it helps your customers to differentiate between products. A trademark can also communicate the vision of your company, product and service and how they are unique from others.

Recognition of product
Trademark registration plays an integral role to increase recognition of your product.

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What is the procedure of trademark registration? And How can I register a trademark in India?

Ger trademark registration within a few days by following these simple steps with GSB taxation. Trademark registration can be done by visiting the official site of Intellectual Property right in India

  • Step 1 Go to
  • Step 2 Click the name public search option
  • Step 3 Fill the form in the Trademark public search
  • Step 4 Choose the option the ‘start with’ and match with
  • Step 5 Enter the class of registered trademark
  • Step 6 Being the online trademark search

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