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Copy Right Registration

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What is Copy Right Registration?

Defined as the property right of an original work owned by an individual, a copyright is fixed in a physical medium of expression, thus enabling the holder to exclusively reproduce, distribute, perform, and display the copyright work. The purpose of copy right registration is to place on record a verifiable account of date content of the work in question, so that in the event of legal claim or case infringement or bootlegging.

Who can getting registration under copyright?

The maker of the work, and the person who has got right to the innovative work can register for the copyright. It’ll known as ‘work made for hire’ if he said pieces was created during the time of the employment. If a work has been created by two people, then they get co-ownership of the copyright, unless the people anxious want it otherwise. If we had to narrow it down to three basic sets of people who can apply for a copy right, they would be:
A) Any person requesting to have obtained the ownership rights from the creator of the original work.
B) An agent who has been sanctioned to act on behalf of the aforesaid people
C) The creator of the work

Rights of Copyright Owner:

It (copyright) gives complete and exclusive rights to the owner of the work: Owner can choose to replicate the work and approve someone else to do it any imitative work that comes from the original work is agreed out by owner of the copyright or approved person. The owner can also issue copies his/her work to the public in any form, like as rent the work, and lease the work, sale of transference of ownership. Any of the copyrighted work can be completed and show gamely in public. And the rights hold transversely all platforms, be it literature, music, drama, choreography, cinema, films, audio filmic works.

Documents required for copyright registration:

Documents required for Artistic: The documents for artistic are following.

  • Copies of work
  • IPO/DD of the amount according to the work and quantity per work.
  • NOC is required from the artistic if applicant is difficult from Artistic.
  • NOC from person whose photograph appears on the work.
  • NOC from person whose photograph appears on the work.

Cinematograph film: Documents are following.

  • Copies of work.
  • NOC from various copyright holders or copy of agreement.
  • DD/IPO of rupees as per work
  • NOC from publisher if work published and publisher is different person

Software: Documents are following.

  • Copies of work
  • DD/IPO of rupees as per work
  • NOC from author if author is different from applicant
  • NOC from publisher if work is published and publisher is a different person.
  • If the application filled through attorney, a specific power of attorney in original duly signed by the applicant and accepted by the attorney source code and object code of work for verification

Steps for Copyright Registration

Step 1

Filing the Application

An application needs to be submitted either in DD/IPO. Once application is filled, a diary number is generated and issued to the applicant.

Step 2


There is minimum wait of 30 days for recording and analysing any objections that may come up against the copyright application



As can be seen from the aforementioned steps, the registration solely depends on the register. Once everything is cleared from the register’s end, the applicant received the copyright and can legally exercise all rights that come with the owner of that copyright.