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What is Digital Signature Certificate?

DSC or Digital Signature Certificate now is a legal necessity in many applications. It is an electronic document that contains the digital signature of the certificate issuing right, binds together a public with a character and can be used to corroborate a public key belongs to a individual person or entity. It is a mathematical procedure used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a message, software or digital document.

Documents Required for Company Registration

  •     Sign: -It’s could only be used for signing a document. It is most popular certificate; it is most usage is signing the PDF file for MCA, tax returns and so on.
  •    Encrypt: - You could also use documentation to encrypt and send classified information. The Digital Signature Certificate would be used to encrypt a document, it is traditionally used in affectionate entrance, to help your company encrypt the document and upload.
  •    Sign and encrypt: - You could buy both sign and encrypt.

Who could buy certificate?

  •     Foreign organization
  •    Foreign Individuals
  •    Organisation
  •    Individuals
  •    IET Certificate
  •    Document Signer Certicate


  •     PAN Card of applicant
  •    Aadhar card of applicant
  •    One passport size photograph

Procedure for DSC Certificate.

  •    Submit your all documents
  •    Process of your Digital Signature
  •    Finally, get your Digital Signature Certificate

Class 2 Individual

For Individual

799Plus Taxes
  • Validity for 2 years
  • With Token

Class 3 Organisation

For Organisation

3,649Plus Taxes
  • Validity for 2 years
  • With Token