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What is FSSAI License?

Food Safety and Standard Authority is the main regulatory authority for all food businesses in India. FSSAI Registration is mandatory for starting any food business. All the manufacturer, Traders and restaurants who are involved in this business must be obtaining 14 digit FSSAI registration number. As per government rules and regulations, FSSAI online registration is mandatory for all business related to food. There are three kinds of FSSAI License based on the turnover of the company which are Basic license, State license and Central license.

fssai online registration process Types of FSSAI Registration

FSSAI online registration depends on the Basis of annual turnover and the scale of business. The different type of FSSAI licenses are as follows:

Basic FSSAI License
State FSSAI License
Central FSSAI License

food license fssai renewal Who are all eligible for Basic FSSAI License?

Basic FSSAI License Registration: FSSAI registration of a basic license is for small businesses having turnover up to 12 lakhs. You have to upgrade it into State license and Central license as per increment in your sales.

fssai online registration renewal Who all are required for State FSSAI License?

State FSSAI License Registration: FSSAI registration for state license is applicable for a mid-size business whose annual turnover is between 12 crores and 20 crores.

fssai renewal application Who are eligible for Central FSSAI License?

Central FSSAI License Registration: FSSAI registration for Central License is applicable for those large businesses whose annual turnover is above 20 crores. It actually depends on the type of manufacturer. It is also required in the cases, where one needs to supply food at the government Offices and for imports/exports.

Other Bussiness (other than manufacturing):

  • Normal Storage: Its capacity is up to 50,000 metrics tones.
  • Cold Storage: Cold storage capcity is upto 10,000 metric tones.
  • Atmosphere Controlled Storage: It is used for the purpose of avoiding food destruction. Its capacity is up to 1,000 metric tones.
  • Hotel: Hotel capacity should be a minimum of 4 Star hotel
  • For wholeseller: License for whoseller required a turnover upto 30 crores p/a
  • Transpoter: License for transpoter is applicable for those, whose 100 vehicles/turnover is upto 30crores.

FSSAI Online Registration Procedure

  • Plan your bussiness: Planning is the first step when one wants to indulge in any business.
  • Identify your food business annual turnover: After starting a business, you have to identify the annual turnover of your food business. This will help you in determining your profits and losses.
  • Complete the required documentation: You have to complete the required documentation for FSSAI Registration after identifying the annual turnover of your food business.
  • Pay the challan: You have to pay your challan to your debtor.
  • Submit all the documents to the designated office: If your business complete the entire documentations like pay challan, submit all the documents in the designated office.
  • Go through the inspection process for license completion:- After sumbitting all the documents and inspecting your process, you have to follow up your license completion.

List Of Documents For FSSAI Registration

Validity of FSSAI License Certificate

An FSSAI License is valid for 1 to 5 years as per the registration by the food entrepreneur. In case of expiry of FSSAI license, an applicant is required to file FSSAI renewal application at least 30 days before the expiry of the FSSAI license. If an entrepreneur applies for FSSAI renewal after the expiry, a penalty will be levied on the existing license.

FSSAI Renewal Application Process

1: Applicant submits duly filled Form A and B in order to apply for FSSAI renewal.
2: Submit the required documents along with the application.
3: Application is reviewed by the authority for mistakes.
4: Inspection team comes fro physical inspection.
5: FSSAI renewal is initited by Food Safety Standards Authority of India.
6: It will be delivered within 60 days.

FSSAI Basic License

Rs. 4,499/- Plus Taxes
  • For basic registration turnover upto 12 Lakhs.
  • 5 Years validity.
  • License will grant within 3-4 working days.

FSSAI Central License

Rs. 12,499/- Plus Taxes
  • For central license more than 2 Crores
  • 1 Year validity package.
  • Inclusion all govt. fees & other expenses.
  • License will grant within 30-35 working days.
  • 100% Assurance till license not granted.