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Hallmark BIS Certification

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HallMark BIS Certification

Bureau of Indian Standards is the authorized agency in India for issue of BIS certification. Hallmark Registration process is governed under the BIS Act, Rules and Regulations. It is a symbol of trust for the customers hence it is mandatory to keep the quality control for managing quality as specified in the BIS Scheme. The BIS Registration licence is granted to the jewellers. The jewellery products can get BIS hallmarked from any of the BIS recognized Centre.

Hallmark BIS Certification Documents

A jeweler can apply for hallmark license if he completes the below certificate requirements.

BIS Certification / Registration Process

To apply for BIS registration or Hallmark registration , a person has to submit duly filled application form and follow the procedure below.

Note :If the inspection process is positive, BIS certification for Hallmark will be issued.

After grant of licence, the jeweler is restricted to follow the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement between BIS and the Applicant. Any fault or deviations in purity of the gold or silver jewellery or any faulty business operation against the mentioned requirements of BIS registration may lead to the cancellation of the BIS Hallmark licence. If necessary, legal proceedings or penalties may also be implemented by BIS registration authority on defaulter.

Importance for BIS Certification for Jewellers

BIS hallmark has importance for a jeweller in a number of manners. It is a symbol of trust which can boost the business by a number of times. Here are some of the points which describe the importance of BIS Hallmark for Jewellers.