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ISI Registration

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What is ISI Registration?

ISI refers to Indian Standards Institute. ISI is a certification for industrial items in India. A body set up when India gained freedom to create standards needed for orderly profitable growth and maintaining quality in industries production. By the mid-80s, the country’s socio-economic weather had changed and enhance the needed to set up a stronger body. The BIS, which then took terminated as ISI is a short form of Indian Standards Institute, the previous name of the Bureau of Indian Standards. It has 7-digit license number which is required by Bureau of Indian Standard. On a product, it is an assurance of conformity to the stipulations.
The conformity is ensured by regular surveillance of the licensee’s performance by surprise checks and testing of samples, drawn both from the market and factory. The ISI mark is mandatory for certifying items to be sold in India. In the same way, electrical appliances like wiring cables, electric motors, kitchen appliances, switches, heaters and so on, and others items like LPG cylinder, valves and for most other products, it is voluntary to put an ISI mark.

Compulsory Certification

There are 19000 standards formulated for products across the 16 categories. It covers so many localities with such scrupulous details that there actually shouldn’t be an inferior product. On the oter hand, the product certification is intentional. There is a list of items which for reasons of public health, safety or mass nature of feeding are mandatory certified by BIS. It includes gas valves, cylinders and infant foods. Production of such products can’t apply for ISI under the voluntary scheme.

Certification of Product

Basically, this certification programme is voluntary. If any producer who feels confident enough that his/her product has the liability to meet the BIS standard can apply for product certification in following ways:

  • You have to submit an application at the nearest BIS office. The officer of BIS will then gauge at the factory level, the capability of the producer to the production of goods as per the standard laws laid down for the category. Samples then will be tested both at the plant and outside the plant. If the product passes the all tests and the evaluation is satisfactory, a license will be approved and the producer can use coveted ISI mark.
  • The producer then provides the test reports of products at BIS after it gets tested in the Bureau’s labs and gets necessary papers qualified it as self-sufficient. BIS is supposed to check the reliability of the reports within a month and then, it grants a license for usage of the ISI mark.

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