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What is a Microfinance Company?

A microfinance company or institution is a type of NBFC which is not authorized to take deposits but carry out small lending activities to finance the low income category individuals like small businessman, farmers, agriculturalist, horticulturist etc. Microfinance companies are regulated under RBI Act of 1934.

Microfinance Company Registration Procedure

To register a microfinance company, applicant has to follow a predefined procedure as per the guidelines of RBI Act 1934. Here is the stepwise guide or procedure for microfinance company registration.

Documents Required for Microfinance Company Registration

Before applying for Microfinance Company registration, the applicant must go through document preparation to avoid any chance of cancellation of the application due to shortage of correct documents.

Documents Required for RBI application to Register MFC

You are required to apply for RBI approval to commence operations of the micro finance company in India. Below is the list of documents required for RBI application to register micro finance company.