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Shop And Establishment Registration

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Shop And Establishment Registration

It is (establishment) incorporated in this act are commercial establishments, eating the house, restaurants, residential hotels, theatres, and other places of public or entertainment. Other establishments that the State Government may, by notification in the Sanctioned Newssheet, declare to be an establishment for the purposes of this Act would then organize as establishments.

shop-and-establishment-registration What is Shop?

Shop means any place:
Where services are extracted to clients. Where goods are sold.
Shop includes an office a store-room, godown, workplace or warehouse, whether in the same places or otherwise, used in connection with such trade/business
It is (shop) does not include a commercial establishment, residential hotel, restaurant, and factory, theatre, eating house or other places of public or entertainment.

Registration of Shop and Establishment What is Registration of Shop and Establishment?

As an owner of shop or establishment, you are compulsorily required to get same registered under the Shops and Establishment Act. Some rules are following:

You have to submit an application in the prescribed form to the Inspector of the area under 30 days of starting any work in your shop/establishment.

Specification of Procedure of XBRL Specification of Procedure of XBRL

If you are planning to close your establishment, under 15 days of closing the establishment, notify to the inspector in writing the date of such closure and return the registration certificate. After due verification, the inspector shall remove the name of your establishment from the register of establishment and cancel your registration certificate must obtain a digital signature.

Aspects Controlled by Shop and Establishment Act

  • Some of the key areas controlled by shop and establishment included:
  •    Dismissal, deduction from wages, close days, opening and closing hours.
  •    Hours of work, intervals for rest meals.
  •    Prohibition of employment of children, employment of young person and women.
  •    Weekly holidays, levy policy.
  •    Cleanliness, lighting and ventilation.
  •    Precautions against fire.
  •    Accident.
  •    Record keeping.

List of document requried:

  •     PAN Card of company/proprietor/partnership/LLP.
  •    Aadhar card of directors/ partners/proprietor.
  •    In case of company MOA, AOA & COI is requried.
  •    In case of partnership/ LLP partnership deed is requried.
  •    Premises proof (rent agreement, electricity bill, NOC form landlord etc.)
  •    Cancelled cheque.
  •    Bord of resolution
  •    Authorisation letter for all other partners.
  •    Key plan.
  •    Fir noc.
  •    Photograph of business premises.
  • .

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