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TDS Return

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TDS Return

According to government rule TDS scheme has to be deducted at the time of payment. A TDS is return is a quarterly statement which has to be submitted to the income tax department. TDS submitting is compulsory for deductor. It has details of TDS deducted and deposit by you. This return is included details of PAN of the deductor and deductees, particular of tax paid to the government, challan of TDS information and other details as required in the forms.

Why do you need file it?

According to the government’s TDS scheme has to deduct at the time of making payment. Person who makes the payment. It is deducted as usually deposite to the government by submitting an “income tax challan” along with the payment. Depositeing tax as a deductor you must also file a TDS return.

TDS Return Forms

The different types of TDS return forms based on the Nature of Income which TDS deducted. Here are following TDS form.

TDS on salary Form 24Q
TDS where deductee is a non-resident, Froeign Company Form 27Q
TDS on payment for transfer of certain immovable property Form 26QB
TDS in any other case Form 26Q

Due Date of submission of TDS Return

Submission of TDS Return on the Basies of quarterly

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