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XBRL Filing

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What is XBRL Filing?

XBRL stands for Xtensible Business Reporting Language, a language used in computers to present financial statements such that they can be retrieved from online records and transferred directly to users such as auditors, regulators, financial analysts for various purposes. It provides major advantages in the preparation, analysis and communication of business information.

Why the rquirement for XBRL?

The uses of XBRL will achieve the objectives of faciliating conduct of business in Singapore, providing more value-added financail information and enhancing the regulatory environment with the improved clearness and timely propagation of relevant financial information.

Applicability of XBRL
  • Every companies having turnover in rupees 100 crores and above Every companies listed with any stock Exchange in India and their India subsidaries.
  • Every companies which were previously cover under the companies Rules, 2011.
  • Every companies having paid up capital of ruppes 5 crores or above
Exception from XBRL filing
  •   Non-Banking Financial Compaines
  •   Companies in Banking
  •   Power sector
Specification of Procedure of XBRL
  • Install the XBRL software from XBRL software vendor.
  • Create the user id and password for the company
  • Once the details have been filled, check the errors generated.
  • Generate the XML file of the company
  • Download the C&I taxonomy from MCA Portal.

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