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What is AGMARK Registration?

It is (AGMARK) certification mark employed on agricultural products in India, promising that they conform to a set of standards recognized by the Directorate of marketing and inspection, agency of the Government of India. AGMARK is combination to two words which are AG and MARK. It (AG) means agriculture and MARK means certication. AGMARK covers agricultural produce which has been defined as to include entire products of agriculture or horticulture and all articles of drink or food partly manufactured from any such produce, and fleeces and the skins of animals.

The group wise breakup of goods is denoted in the following.

S.NO Group’s Name No. of Goods Notified
1 Edibles Nuts 8
2 Oil Cakes 8
3 Fibers Crops 5
4 Fruits and Vegetables 51
5 Food grain and applied products 30
6 Spices and condiments 27
7 Essential Oils 8

In total it includes about 213 goods including cereals, pulses, vegetables oil, and other semi processed goods.

This mark promises that all the agricultural goods meet the certain by the government. It is a government of India’s quality certification mark. AGMARK is not mandatory for all the events to use this mark on their goods.

Agmark Certification on Fruits and Vegetables:

Persons needing for of obtaining Agmark Certification on fruits and vegetables under Agmark for export should have valid Certificated of Authorization for grading of fruits and vegetables. Eatables contained in Fruits and Vegetables shall be applicable.

Certification of Product

The certification scheme is applied through eleven Regional Offices, 27 Sub Offices, 11 Regional Agmark Laboratories and Central Agmark Laboratory of the Directorate. 08 Laboratories Nagpur, Chennai, Mumbai, Kochi, Kolkata, Delhi, Jaipur and Kanpur have been accredited with the NABL as per the International Standard ISO.
Persons eager of sorting and certifying a notified agricultural goods under Agmark can apply the nearest field office of the DMI. The list of required documents and application form can be obtained from the nearest field office.

Condition of Application Proceedings of AGMARK

Company’s turnover of the last year.
Total gross product in K.g. for last year.
Sample of products should also be submitted in small sachets.
Company’s or Firm’s Name.
Address of the company or firm Product’s Name for which the company wants AGMARK standardization.
If the contender is company, then the memorandum of connotation.
Copy of test report which is duly legitimate, from independent AGMARK recognized laboratory.

Which types of Documents required for AGMARK Registration?

The Documents required for AGMARK Registration are following.
Machinery’s ListDemand draft of Rs.1000
The office’s or factory’s map
Company’s memorandum which represent its objective and the powers
Certificate of company registration
Certificate of Trade registration